October 14-15-16 Energy Balance workshop weekend


balancecoachingThe goal of this weekend is to reconnect with yourself, find your HOME inside and acknowledge ‘what, how and when’ is good for you. Together we will build a framework with which you can get in touch with your truth, your needs, and connect to the natural power within you.

 LEARNING TO FEEL | friday 14     18,00 – 20.00h

Connecting with energy, awakening the focus on the deepest self, this Yin & Yang practice will bring you softly to earth, opening your soul to enjoy your weekend time

15’ Pranayama and “landing” breath exercises

1,15 open level yoga practice

30’ harmony relaxation accompanied by live music

 UNDERSTEANDING YOUR CIRCLES | Saturday 15   09,30 – 11.30h

This session will challenge your ability to change your energy gears. Vigorous action and quiet flow of asanas will move you through the full range of body & mind expression, bringing you to a quiet stillness and connection with your soul.

15’ Energy balancing breath exercizes

1,30h dynamic vinyasa yoga

15’ Sound Balancing relaxation

 LET’S UNWIND | Saturday 15   18.00 – 19.30h

Deep stretching, ying and restorative poses to release stress and tension. “Acting without doing & working without effort”, this session is designed to allow your deepest wisdom arise and listen to your intuition.

1h gentle yin practice

30’ guided meditation and relax with live balancing music

 LEADER OF YOURSELF | Sunday 16     09,30 – 11,30

When you understand your circles of energy, you can manage and administrate them. You learn how to respect your body and deal with emotions from a quiet perspective.

15’ Connecting with the Inner Leader – pranayama and guided meditation –

1h,30 Peaceful Warrior vinyasa class

15’ setting your intentions (guided meditation with balancing live music)

 Costs: 45 € each session or 160 € complete workshop

Contact: +34 656806750 or per mail yogapollensa@gmail.com