Open your Path, releasing the Hips


Extended-childs-poseWe carry a ton of emotional baggage in our hips. The more we repress our feelings and stay attached to the past, the more likely we are to feel stuck and tight in our pelvic region.

Sometimes all we need is a little stretch and a good chat to feel some relief and ease in our hips. Other times, we require a deeper look into our past and the traumas that have affected our bodies. Either way, we have the power, the power in our hips, to move forward and onto ease.

From an energetic perspective, the hips and pelvic region are connected to the sacral chakra, Svadhistana. The second chakra is tied to emotional stability. It’s about how we experience our lives through our thoughts and feelings. Our brains are linked directly to our hips through our nervous system.piri_249_041

Our hips also play a major role in our response to stress and trauma. When we get into a car accident, fall down or face an attacker- when we enter the fight or flight mode – our natural instinct is to clench these muscles in our hips to guard ourselves. It serves a purpose to protect us from potential danger in the moment but if we don’t relax and let go after the fact- if we don’t unclench- we create a centre of stuck energy in our body.

Here are 3 poses to help clear out some residual stress in the hips, focusing on increasing the flow of energy to the pelvis. Let’s get unstuck from our mats and onto our lives!