Life is about passion and courage


vence-miedosThis last December I took a difficult decision. As a spiritual warrior I struggled  with lots of dragons on my path, the purpose was to follow my bliss, vocation and happiness. Not always easy, mostly was messy in the middle but gorgeous at the end ( like Robin Sharma brain tattoos like to preach).

Life is a master, and every time we reach a mountaintop, life shows us a new valley of opportunity and the next Hymalaya to reach. So, in December I decided to close the yoga center business I was leading since 2010, Why? Because I realized I could be more of service following my passion, showing courage, and become a professional writer and inspirational coach. I swear I was scared like hell.

Fears were coming one by one to tell me their lies:

  • You are not good enough
  • No one will trust you, as they know you only as a yoga trainer
  • You will end starving under a bridge, artist always have money problems
  • You are to old to change, after all the effort you did ¿How can you dare to quit?
  • Do you mean you will be doing about writing and Tarot reading coaching session your living ¿Really?
  • You should see the doctor…you must be mentally sick.

But on February my second book was finally on the libraries shelves. My editing house is now checking out the material of my other two book. Meanwhile I wrote two novels that I am currently editing. The subject for one of them is about overcoming inner fears. Life gave me the opportunity to have a Master 😉 hahahaha. And yes, I am very happy now running Personal Mastery Programs, finding Out of the Box Solution with Tarot Readings, Coaching and encouraging people to reframe an design a lifestyle that speaks to their souls.

Remember sometimes it will not be easy, but life rewards the brave, and here like you that are willing to embrace mess, follow their passion and live with purpose.

Mucho love,

Silvia Anaska ( follow me on )