I offer one to one & little groups ( up to 4) integral creative coaching sesiones. My focus is to help you to reconnect with your natural state of creativity, Health, focused Mindset, Open Heart and specially connecting with you Soul-Intuition-best YOU. Yes you will be doing some Yoga, and receiving massage, you will be guided in creative explorations through free writing, meditation, doodling, building clusters and…I promise… having fun. If you visit Mallorca don’t miss the opportunity to regenerate and reconnect with your REAL YOU.


Inspiration is the sparkle, the seed, the brilliant-crazy “what if” that suddenly pops up into you mind. There are ways to invite inspiration you can explore with me in my 30/30/20 inspiration sessions. Inspiration for you body (30′ yoga, deep stretch, thai movements) + mind-heart (30′ free writing guided challenge) + your soul (20′ guided meditation journey with drum and chimes).


You can enjoy a deep and enlightening creative coaching brainstorming session. We will trace your reality map and from there re-design the present situation to be sure you reach your goals and dreams. We will use Tarot cards, NPL role play exercises, free writing, wingwave coaching and psicomagic challenges. 100% recommended.


I help you designing a simple and effective 5 Steps Method to grow and improve in the direction of your dreams in your health, mindset, heartset, soulset and CREATIVITY. SMALL STEPS OVERTIME BRING TO STUNNING RESULTS. Learn how to do it.

Let’s work together/ Construyamos algo juntos.